Disney Channel Original Movie “Lemonade Mouth” Auditions

Disney Channel and Martin Chase Productions are teaming up once again to bring Mark Peter Hughes’ novel "Lemonade Mouth" to life as a Telefilm. Filming will begin mid-July, 2010 in New Mexico. Numerous acting roles and extas will be cast for high school aged teens of all ethnicites.


One thought on “Disney Channel Original Movie “Lemonade Mouth” Auditions

  1. Iam ALexandra Woodruff Im from Connecticut
    and Im 31 I have never Done a movie in my Life but I hope to be in one I would Like to be apart of the LEMONADE MOUTH seqaul

    I take Movies and Music and acting very Seriously. in my Talents
    I sing and act and Dance and I play Piano
    and I Write Songs and I Cook
    and I Draw and Sketch and Paint
    and I know how to Speak Spanish I BabySit
    my 3 Nieces for Famliy Heleping Famliy

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