New Disney Channel sitcom ‘Jessie’ auditioning actors for series regulars

Beautiful Debbie Ryan Starring In Jessie
Debby Ryan will play the starring role of au pair Jessie.
Creative Commons

It’s A Laugh Productions, a subsidiary of The Walt Disney Company, will begin production on a new promising family sitcom for Disney Channel titled “Jessie” this summer, 2011. Auditions are underway for the series regulars, and additional casting will continue throughout spring 2011.

6 thoughts on “New Disney Channel sitcom ‘Jessie’ auditioning actors for series regulars

  1. hi i have been loking for jessie audition please call 443-858-5009

  2. I fit a role PERFECTLY!! Female, white, 12, sarcastic tough personality. THAT’S ME!! I am awesome at acting. All though i do not have experience but sometime when I hang out with my friends we put on “plays” and everybody who watched it asked me if I was a professional and if I was in theater. I have been looking for auditions for such a long time and I have wanted to act ever since I was 3. I am not 12, I am 11, but i look 12. Please contact me in any way if you want to. Thanks

  3. Hello,
    My name is Jessica Windibank and I would love to be in the new series “Jessie.” I think I am a little bit to late to audition for any of the series regulars, but if thats the case than I am more than willing to audition for extra’s!!! Please contact me through my email! 🙂 thanks.

  4. Hi my name is Xhilda, and I love disney channel! I love acting, and playing another character! I am a great actress! I am very hard working and determined! I can play any role! I would love to play a role in this show.!( I’m 13 years old)

  5. I can be funny and i love to prank people and make jokes to. I can also be very serious about things to. I was in play in school once and i did a great job, i got an A+. My talents are acting and being funny. If you need anything else just email me at or you can call me at 979-212-1003, Thanks for your time for reading this

  6. I alway want to be in Jessie ,Jessie is my favorite show and I’m Brianna I’m 12 I use to be in modeling and acting class it was fun and if you people the other people it ok but I really really want to be o. Jessie if I do get just call 5037201747

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