HBO Miniseries ‘Parade’s End’ casting actors and extras in London

Sexy Rebecca Hall Parades End

Golden Globe Award Nominee Rebecca Hall stars opposite Benedict Cumberbatch.
Creative Commons

HBO and BBC are now in production on a television adaptation of the quartet of novels by Ford Madox Ford, considered by many to be one of the literary masterworks of the 20th Century. The five-part miniseries is currently casting guest stars, day players, extras, stand-ins, and photo doubles for the film’s stars. Shooting is taking place in and around London, UK. Locations in the capital which the production is using to portray period London include the Royal Horse Guards Parade, Hyde Park, Victoria House in Bloomsbury Square, Trafalgar Square and Lincoln’s Inn.

One thought on “HBO Miniseries ‘Parade’s End’ casting actors and extras in London

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