Major feature film ‘Ender’s Game’ open casting call seeking kids

Beautiful Hailee Steinfeld Petra Arkanian

Academy Award nominated Hailee Steinfeld will star opposite Harrison Ford.
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Summit Entertainment, the production company behind “The Twilight Saga” films, has acquired the rights to the youth-oriented “Ender’s Game” franchise. An open casting call has been scheduled seeking bright and talented kids and teens ages 10 – 17 of varying ethnic backgrounds. Talent must be located within reasonable driving distance of New Orleans, LA. The shoot is scheduled to run from February 2, 2012 through June 8, 2012. The casting directors are especially interested in home-schooled kids and teens due to the filming schedule during school hours. An on-set teacher is required to be provided by the production company for all minors, therefore it is not absolutely necessary to be home-schooled. Those who are selected will have the adventure of a lifetime and become part of science fiction cinema history!


12 thoughts on “Major feature film ‘Ender’s Game’ open casting call seeking kids

  1. Hi my name is Xhilda i am 13 years old. I love acting i think its like the funnest thing to do. I love playing different characters. I have a bubbly and fun personality. So please email me for any part i can audition for.

  2. I was a little dissapointed at the casting call. Only because this call, said they wanted homeschooled kids 10 – 17 . We prepared all day and then when we got there, they told us it was 12-21. My son got so upset, that I changed his age on his card, just so they wouldnt tell him. I didnt want him to sratt crying in front of the staff:) On the up side, all the people doing the casting were completely friendly respectful and professional. I was a fun experience all in all 🙂

  3. My son was Jacob Clark and he was still inspired to try again for something else:) Its so nice how kids bounce back:)

  4. I would like to attend the open casting call. Please email me with the dates and times.
    Thanks in advance

  5. I need this job im a commited actor and ready

  6. Hi my dream I have been wanting to be a actress/singer since I was little, and I think this is an great opertunity.

  7. i have a question! im becky and im 13 by the way. ok do auditions start feb 2 to june 8 or is auditions over, beacasue i realy wanted to audition for this movie so bad, but the only problem is i live in new jersey. please inform me on the details and meaasge me back. thank you!

  8. hi my name is Becky and i would really love to be a part of this movie! i love the books. i have been interested in acting since i was little. just message me if you have anything to ask me, i will be willing to answer them, and i just want to know if their will be any sequels to this movie. i hope so! thank you.

  9. So does it have to be in New Orleans, LA ?

  10. I live in Scotland near Edinburgh, I used to do drama and I’ve been wanting an acting career for a while. I’m 14 years of age and I’m a bit of a drama queen when wanted to be. I hope this helps and I hope u can help me.

  11. I am 15 years old but I sadly live out in scotland… I would do anything to get this little job to start off my career?

  12. Hi my name is chelsea donahue. I heard you have a open casting call I just turned 18 and I am willing to give it a try. I’m very talented..I act in short movies..and I’m very driven and Focus and I’m a quick learner and I can get to any place. no problems. Weather its l.a to paris.

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