I just wanted to give the public a heads up that the casting information I have posted regarding “American Horror Stories” comes from the following verified sources, and that I am not affiliated with Fox in any way. I post casting information as a way for actors to have some reference as to what is being cast. It is hard enough for actors to get work let alone free casting information.

This information regarding John Landgraf’s statements have been confirmed.

Here is the official Sande Alessi casting website stating that they are currently casting AMERICAN HORROR STORY Season 2 and they are seeking exactly what I have posted: is currently listing Ulrich/Dawson/Kritzer Casting as CURRENTLY casting the show:

• Log in to your account

• Click on “CD Connection”

• Then just click on “Search” without entering any options.

• You then get a complete list of all of the productions that are casting.

• “American Horror Story” is listed as currently casting by Ulrich/Dawson/Kritzer Casting.

To all my friends and followers, please take a good look at this information, and let me know if there is anything innacurate. I DO NOT ever post any misleading information for my benefit, only auditions and casting information that I can verify to the best of my ability for the benefit of actors seeking work. I received an email from someone claiming to be “Kasimira C. Verdi, Director – Intellectual Property Fox Group Legal”. I have no idea if this email came from anyone associated with Fox, however if it was from someone associated with Fox, why do they not know about the verified information I have provided. Here is an exact quote from the email that I received from Kasimira C. Verdi… “in point of fact, AMERICAN HORROR STORY is not casting.” This is an absolute and verified contradiction to what has been stated by top representatives of FOX NETWORK. I personally would suggest a BOYCOTT of ALL Fox programming if indeed someone associated contacted me and gave me unverified information regarding “American Horror Story” and have made threats about taking legal action against me for “false advertising, false designation of origin, and unfair competition under the Lanham Act, and entitles Fox to your profits, Fox’s damages, a trebling of those damages and reimbursement of its attorney’s fees”.

Please write Fox executives if you feel this is unjust and unfair threats against my freedom speech and employment listings of opportunities for actors.

James R. Murdoch
FOX Broadcasting Company
10201 West Pico Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90035

If indeed there is inaccurate information regarding auditions and casting for “American Horror Story” that I have posted, I will promptly remove that information and post any new accurate information that I can verify. Remember – FREEDOM OF SPEECH, and FREEDOM OF CHANGING THE CHANNEL are two of our great freedoms left in the U.S.A. Spread the word, I may have a million visitors to my websites each month, but it takes everyone to band together to make real change and action from the Big Studios. They don’t really give a crap about the little guy, only stock holder money. Hit them where it hurts and CHANGE THE CHANNEL!

There will be NO casting information posted for any Fox or FX shows if they do not resolve their issue with me. Again, someone claiming to be Kasimira C. Verdi (Director – Intellectual Property Fox Group Legal) emailed me and lied to me by stating that “In point of fact, AMERICAN HORROR STORY is not casting”. As part of the network’s TCA Press Tour presentation, President and General Manager of FX Networks, John Landgraf, stated at the TCA Press Tour presentation that “Ryan Murphy is already looking for that cast. He’s already in active conversations with new people (for American Horror Story season 2). When a rep for the studio (Kasimira C. Verdi) lies to me about the show not currently casting, they are also lying to the public as I am a writer, journalist, and blogger. I will always inform the public as to what is told to me by the studios. Note: I have provided links that prove both the principal actor casting director and extras casting directors are listed as currently casting…

Bookmark the links I have provided on the casting information post and take screenshots so that you too have proof that what I posted is true and not misleading. What is misleading is a studio rep making a false statement that American Horror Story is not currently casting in a blatant bullying attempt to silence me, and making it harder for struggling actors to find good, accurate, legitimate FREE casting information.

Open casting call for ‘The Hobbit: There and Back Again’ in New Zealand

Sexy Evangeline Lilly Benedict Cumberbatch

Evangeline Lilly plays female elf Tauriel opposite Benedict Cumberbatch.
Creative Commons

New Line Cinema in association with Warner Bros. Pictures are currently filming “The Hobbit: There and Back Again” in the Wellington, New Zealand area through late March, 2012. The casting directors are holding an open casting call for folks who live within reasonable driving distance of Wellington and would like to appear in the film as paid background performers. Shooting will take place at Stone Street Studios and various locations around Wellington.

Open casting call for Emma Roberts film ‘Adult World’ in New York

Sexy Emma Roberts

The sultry young Emma Roberts plays an Ivy League grad in “Adult World”.
Creative Commons

Treehouse Pictures in association with Anonymous Content are getting ready to begin filming the comedy feature film “Adult World” starring Emma Roberts. Casting for co-starring and supporting roles is taking place in New York City. However shooting will take place in Syracuse, New York where an open casting call is scheduled for the film’s extras and stand-ins.

Disney film ‘Lone Ranger’ seeking Caucasian, Hispanic, Native American, Asian men

Jerry Bruckheimer Films and Walt Disney Pictures are set to begin principal photography on the star studded feature film “The Lone Ranger” on February 3, 2012. Shooting will take place in Albuquerque, Santa Fe, and other areas of New Mexico through July 20, 2012. The film’s remaining supporting players are still being cast in Los Angeles, and smaller speaking roles, extras, stand-ins, and photo-doubles for the film’s stars are being cast in New Mexico throughout filming. The casting director is seeking Caucasian, Hispanic, Native American, Asian men to work as extras.

Walt Disney Pictures ‘McFarland’ auditions and casting calls in Los Angeles

Beautiful Director Niki Caro McFarland

The extremely beautiful and amazingly talented Niki Caro is directing “McFarland”.
Creative Commons.

Mayhem Pictures in association with Walt Disney Pictures are set to begin filming the biopic feature film “McFarland” in February, 2012. After an open casting call last December, 2011 in Bakersfield failed to discover the film’s stars and supporting roles, auditions will take place in Los Angeles. The studio and production company are open to new talent for the starring roles, which will go to teen and young Latino males.

Mark Wahlberg film “Broken City” new casting call for men and women 21+ in New Orleans

Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation’s feature filmBroken City” is currently shooting in the New Orleans area and the extras casting director is seeking people to work on the film in January, 2012. This is fully paid work and no prior experience working as a background performer is necessary. Candidates must be located within reasonable driving distance of New Orleans.

Mark Wahlberg film “Broken City” new casting call for men and women 21+ in New Orleans –

Know The Facts Before Taking The Plunge Into An Acting Career

Acting Career Reality Check

The average income for Screen Actors Guild Members is less than $5,000 annually.
AB Media Publishing, LLC

The number of people who “dream” of being a professional actor are in the millions. There are no official statistics published regarding the number of people who actively pursue acting jobs over the course of a given year, however the number is likely in the upper hundreds of thousands worldwide. This is a staggering number considering that there are roughly 50,000 acting jobs in a year, mostly comprising of small one-day roles. This figure also includes actors who worked on cruise lines, theme parks, summer festivals, and other non film and television jobs.