Kids and teens talent search for Disney Channel and Disney XD shows

Ashley Tisdale Adventure Quest

Among Disney Channel movies to be cast is Ashley Tisdale‘s “Adventure Quest”.
Creative Commons

Disney Channel and Disney XD are searching for talent ages 9-18 years for possible upcoming projects. The casting directors are looking for male and female talent of any ethnicity and dialect. In addition to acting talent, they will be looking for those with strong singing, dancing, and athletic abilities of any type. They will consider all talent, both experienced and inexperienced with these particular skill sets. Also welcome are newcomers that have done Community Theatre, Acting workshops, etc. Videotaped auditions are also being accepted from talent who can not travel to the auditions.

13 thoughts on “Kids and teens talent search for Disney Channel and Disney XD shows

  1. I’d love to act Disney channel! I’m 16 and has been my life time goal!

  2. I have always wanted to be an actress or even a model! I just want a chance even if it is a small role. It would be my dream and I would work as hard as I could. Anything would work!

  3. My name is Sidney Abner. I am 14 years old. I would love to send in a video audition, because I live in Louisiana and will not be able to come to auditions.

  4. My name is Sidney Abner. I am an 14 year old girl. I would love to send in a video audition, because I live in Louisiana.

  5. I would really like to be on this show so was
    please pick me to be on this show

  6. My name is tamia. I’m 12 years please consider me I live in south africa

  7. I would like to audition for a role on disney channel

  8. My 9 yr old son Jose Muniz who is half Puerto Rican half white loves being in front of people and trying to make them laugh he would LOVE a chance to audition for Disney! Will there be any auditions in Arkansas? Or is there any way someone can interview him do he can gave a shot at the spotlight ? He’s already told me “Mom,I want to be famous.” and he asks me how to go about doing that and I believe thus would be his chance.

  9. Hi, I am Sydney Jones of Virginia. I am eleven years old and I am very eager for any roles that come my way. I hope you notice, consider, contact and choose me for any important upcoming roles.

  10. Hi, I’m Carson… I am 14 years old. I am a female.. I live in Birch Run, Michigan.. I sing, and act. I am 5’5″, my body size is small/medium. My ethnicity is Caucasian.. I have dark brown hair, and blue/green eyes.

  11. My name is Brianna Watkins. I am 13 years old, have dirty blond hair, I have blue-green eyes (which, in photos and on camera, are sometimes brown), I’m 5’2, and I am from White Lake, Michigan. I have always wanted to act. I’ve been told I have a strong, powerful, voice when I sing. I love to be me and I don’t mind what people think of me. I’m caucasion, I did softball, soccer, gymnastics, and cheerleading. I hope you take me up for consideration, it would mean the world. You could really depend on me for things and I think you’ll really like me. This is once in a life time, so please, think about. Thanks.



  12. I really want to be actress someday if my life.I think i can act and i know i got what it takes to play a role.

  13. hi i would love to audition for this i am 13 years old african america my mom is extremely suportive of my acting and modeling i have done acting and modeling before i am photogenic and im taking drama classes right now if theres any way for me to audition i would be extremely exited to be part of the disney family thank you

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