Disney Channel’s first 2012 open casting call seeking kids and teens

Selena Gomez Open Casting Call

Selena Gomez was discovered at a Disney open call in the summer of 2004.
Creative Commons

It’s that time of year again for Disney Channel and Disney XD to hold the first official open casting call of 2012, this one in Kansas City, Missouri. Casting directors are seeking boys and girls between the ages of 10 – 18 (or who look like they are 10 – 18) and are interested in acting, dancing, or singing. The purpose of these open casting calls is to discover talented young actors to be considered for upcoming original movies and series produced for Disney Channel and Disney XD.

132 thoughts on “Disney Channel’s first 2012 open casting call seeking kids and teens

  1. I live in Aransas Pass , Texas , can ya’ll please have a audition in Houston? Im 14 & have a little bit of acting expierience.

  2. My name is jada and i have a twin sister J,ordan we are 14. We’ve been acting forever in plays and stuff. We even did local Fashion shows we really think that acting is the best thing for us and if you give us a chance, we’ll show you

  3. I am a 14 yr.old african/american male looking for acting jobs if your interested in me contact me at (903)2836162 I live in oklahoma city by the way….
    I’m athletic and playful and I also have a good time with whatever type of project I’m doing…

  4. Will any official open casting calls in 2012 be coming to the UK?

  5. I’m just wondering if u would every have a try out in Louisiana somewhere that’s close like Baton Rouge are New Orleans b/c we do have talent here to and my daughter is one she wants to be a model are a singer she won a photo shot and loved it…

    Just trying to help my child live her dreams

  6. kyria say:
    Name;kyria mahosso
    bithday:march 20,1997
    hair color;natural black
    eyes color:brown
    I wanna be in disney channel shows , because I been watching disney channel as long i can remember. I always loved that shows.I always dreamed of becoming disney channel star. I hope I get a chance.

  7. To start off, i am a 15 year old girl from the eastern shore. I am very energitic and always laughing and trying to make other people laugh. I can also tend to be shy at times. But most inportantly I am completely in LOVE with acting. I’ve loved it ever since I was able to walk and talk. Also I’m a huge Disney channel fan! I used to be a #1 Hannah Montana / Jonas brothers fan. I was very convinced I was going to be the future wife of joe Jonas. Haha. My dream for the longest time has been to be a famous actress on Disney channel. I believe I’m talented enough to be on a Disney channel show and I would want any part someone would e willing to give me!

  8. Hey I’m 12 I would love to act in a movie such as this and I’ve always wanted to meet selena gomez no I am not an actor or a celebrity in that such but I would love for my first break will be in a movie with selena gomez and many more so if you are interested email me if not find another who is

  9. Hi my name is haley aikens,im 14 years old,and i live in houston texas.ever since i was a little girl i had been inlove with acting,singing,and dancing but too afriad to perorm.now that im older i have settled my fear and love to put on different shows.i would love soo much and gratefull if you gave me an chance.i promise i will work hard everyday because i really do want to live my dreams.i thank you and love Haley!bye!!!!

  10. My name is Tyonne Clark. I have an iPhone4, I am 12 almost 13. I’m having plastic surgery I was born with a large birthmark. But people say I look like Mickey Mouse. I am light brown. I wish I could be a movie star like Selena Gomez I am a good singer. I really really really want to act.

  11. I live in michigan /:

  12. I’m 26 and have been trying to find Disney auditions for years now and haven’t found anything. Does Disney generally hire people in their 20s or not? I don’t look my age. People always think I’m 17/18. Also, are there any Disney casting calls in Boston?

  13. I’m interested! I’m between the ages of 10 thru 18!

  14. Hello, my name is Zaynab. I am a 14 year old girl. I am about 5’6 in height. I have brown eyes and light brown hair(blondish color). I absolutely LOVE to dance. Dancing is my life. When i dance I feel like Im where i need to be,where its my moment to shine and no one will stop it. I am a fast learner so I catch on to things quickly. I am a size 0-2 so i am a model type of girl. I have modeled before at school and had an offer with a modeling agency. I also sing a little. If you give me a chance I promise you, you wont regret choosing me. Dancing is my number one passion but I know school comes first, which I am an A,B student. Smart and VERY talented is a great combination. Please give me a chance. I wont let you down. I know I can be one of your best stars. You have to see me dance. Promise i am AMAZING!
    I am in Tuskegee, Alabama, but I am from New York

  15. I’m VERY interested! I’m between the ages of 10 & 18, please contact me within the next 24 hours. Thanks.

  16. Daughter is 6years old. Very intelligant, fast learner, great reader wonderful smile. My little bundle of joy.

  17. Hello I’m 11 years old turning 12 on December It would mean the world to me to star on Disney Chanel I really hope I can be part of the Disney Chanel crew I will even add in a bonus you dont even need to pay me I will do every pythons for free I will be on any Disney channel show dosent matter what show it is I reply hope to be a part of disneychannel I believe I am a worthy girl to be on tv or even on a commercial please it had been my dream to be on tv or in catalouge or even in a commercial please except me

  18. I don’t live in USA but still I live in UK and I am a very good actress in 14 and if you take me then think that T.V show is going to be popular please pick me:)

  19. Hi I’m Rebecca and I’m 13! I love acting! I have been in tons of plays. I watch disney channel all the time and I love it! I have always wanted to work with Debby Ryan. She is a beautiful amazing actor and I think it would be fun to work with her. Also it would be fun to work with Zendeya Coleman or Bella Thorn. They are all great actresses. I also am great at memorizing lines. I have been to the Regional spelling bee twice because I memorized hundreds and hundreds of words! I also have a bunch of ideas for Jessie including a friend for Emma who would be a tomboy prankster who is always helping Luke out with his pranks. She is over at the Ross home a lot so Jessie has one more child to watch, but she has a lot more responsibility! I would love love love love love love to be on Disney Channel!!!!!!!! I have always wanted to be on Disney Channel! I could be a new ANT on ANT Farm, Emma’s friend the prankster who always does pranks with Luke, or anybody else who is needed. My favorite show is Jessie, but I could be on a different show if needed. I would just love to be on Disney! Thank you a million for thinking about me!

    -Rebecca Krause

  20. I know the try outs were today, but I was thinking you would still consider me and I could get your email to email you some pictures. Thanks a million!!!!

  21. Hey, my name is Julia, I am 13 years old. I love to act, model, dance, and cheer. I am a hardworking girl and whenever I set my mind to something I never give up. I am dedicated to whatever I do. If you give me this chance I will do the best I can do and appreciate it very much. If you give me this wonderful opportunity, you will not regret it!

  22. My name is Patricia Nunes and I want to audition for anything on disney channel but I live all the way in South Africa, is there a way that I can audition over the internet?! Please help!

  23. Hi my name is jasmin Clark and i would love to be on disney chanel

  24. Hi, I am Sydney Jones from Virginia. I love to act, and I am very adaptable. My friends and I like to make up plays and act them out. I have been in many plays at school, and everybody says I should be an actress. I am eleven, and I hope you notice, consider, contact, and choose me for any upcoming roles.

  25. I am a single mother of a beautiful one year old daughter who I feel would be a great attribution to your Disney organization. She is highly talented and photogenic. Id like it if a representitive from your team would contact me on this matter. Thank you.

  26. Hi, I’m Carson… I am 14 years old. I live in Birch Run, Michigan.. I sing, and act. I am 5’5″, my body size is small/medium. My ethnicity is Caucasian.. I have dark brown hair, and blue/green eyes. I love singing, and acting in front of people… it’s my dream to be like Selena Gomez.

  27. Hello, My name is Tae Handrich and my date of birth is 1/24/1997. I have had several casting calls for modeling. I live in Michigan. It is my dream to be on Disney Channel, I will never stop trying untill i get it. I am known to be funny, outgoing, attractive, confident, and a risk taker. Here is one of my talent profiles: http://www.exploretalent.com/taehandrich1.
    You can emial me at “taehandrich@yahoo.com” or call my mother at “989-493-7088”. Thanks alot!

  28. I’m ll years old about to be 12 in july 27 2012 and I’m interested in Acting

  29. Hello! I’m cara, I’m 13 years old and I’m very quick witted and make people laugh all the time. My dream is to be on a show because I love to act!! I have done a few plays before and acting is my passion πŸ™‚

  30. I love acting. I have the unique looks. I have red hair, im african american/ caucasian so im lightskinned. Im 5″4 tall. I want to take step by step to get where I need to be to become a movie star. So if you wanna help me out email me

  31. I need a chance before school starts I haven’t got no chances at all I need one chance from Disney I need ur guys help to becoming somebody like Selena Gomez I love her so much and I am trying to get a chance to shine but I need your help please help me bring the new Disney star I need a aduation to tyler or Dallas but please please I need a chance and help I am sure that I want to become the next star please help me make that please send me a email because you guys are so amazing please help me do this try to communicate whit me and give me that happiness that I wish for I been wating for 2 years for a chance

  32. Any kids auditions in/around michigan?

  33. When will you be doing auditions in Florida?

  34. i would love to be in one of the sitcoms,comedies,dramas or anything that involves being funny,i am 16 from south africa,my friends describe me as a very funny girl and i would love to take my talent to the next level,not that i am telling you guys to but,if you need new faces on tv,i would love to start my career,please if you want to contact me,i am on face book as excelltia dire or my email excell13@ovi.com. . .thank you!

  35. I want to be famous

  36. Hi I have a good friend who I wanted to recommend for this.Shes a amazingly talented girl.She writes her own songs and she loves to perform them.She sings and raps(a little).She sketches her own clothes and they are some of the greatest designs I’ve ever seen!She’s really tall I mean like 5 feet.Shes also really curvy.I think she’d make a great model.She’s been trying to get recognition but every time she’s let down.She’s thinking about giving up on her dreamPlease help her oit!

  37. I’ve always wanted to do acting vim really good at it. I’m actually finishing up my first movie now

  38. Please notify me of upcoming auditions near atlanta georgia. I am a 13 year old African American female.

  39. i would really like to join the disney crew along with acting. it’s my passion!

  40. Hey ! I was wondering where your next few casting calls are gonna be located ! Thanks !

  41. I like dancing,singing and acting.I am from Kenya in Africa. I would like someone to see my untapped potentiol.I would want to become a role model for all children of the world.

  42. hey im yamiche aka nicki rosier and i would love to be in this im 15 years old and i live in florida im very interested i never done acting before i never act on stage before but if you give me a chance i wont let you guys down and im very talented this could be my opportunity to life my dreams im not doing this cause dreams im doing this cause it makes me happy and for my family to i really never give up my hopes and dreams im 5.2 please contact me on my gmail if your interested in my personalty

  43. Hello I’m Howard:)!!
    DOB- October 28 1996 (15 years)
    Heights- 5″1
    Hair color- black
    Eye color- brown
    Body type-muscular

    Talents- I bodybuild! I sing! I wrestle and golf!

    Experience- I was apart of the Kim Dawson agencie. But had to move due to my grandmother. But I’m back now!!:) in Dallas tx! And I’ve done many casting calls and experienced

    Please email me for photos! And more information:)!!!

  44. My dream is to be famous singer and actor in nick and disney Chanel

  45. Umm can we send you a video because we don’t have the money to drive all the way over there ? 😦

  46. Hi my name is arin and i am 13 i realy talented in sports acting and i just seem to catch on to stuff fast and i would love to be in a show or movie E-Mail back if any thougs

  47. it would mean the world to me to even be on disney channel its been my dream since i was little. Im 12 years old now and in 7th grade i teally hope u like thank u and godbless πŸ™‚

  48. Hi, I’m 13 years young I live in Chicago, and I sing,Act,and dance. I’ve been looking for auditions that I can do, and I’d love if there was something a 13 year old, hispanic girl can do. Thank you.

  49. Will there be another one of these opening casting call in the year 2012? Please let me know! Thanks.

  50. We live in miami and 6yaear old bilingual red hair and green eyes I would like to know went Disney channel will be in Miami for casting

  51. Hi , My namee is Yicell Gonzalez im 12 years old
    i think I havee a chance of being a singer so hope your intrested Thankyou for your time.

  52. My names is Janiya James I am 13 years old I am funny, athletic, and I also sing. Please let me try to audition because it would be a true honor.

  53. Will like more information about auditions and open call for disney XD. Thank you

  54. Hi, my name is Edqunia Smith, I an 15yrs old and have been interested in trying to audition for Disney channel. I live in new Orleans,La and have no transportation to Kansas city so if you could can you please call at 504-215-0633 to give me information about auditions near me thanks!

  55. Hi I’m Sanah and I live in England.I’m 13 years old.I’m a British Muslim and so that tends to put casting directors, and people in the acting industry off because of my cultural beliefs.But I think that’s what makes me different and intriguing.Anyway I just wanted to ask if you could let me know if there are any auditions or anything for Disney channel in the UK.Even if the job is filmed in the US.Thanks.

  56. Im 13 years old and i live in new york city, manhattan. You sould pick me because i want to be a actor on A.N.T Farm.I can be a new student and the talent of the student is basketball.If you pick me it will be a great chance for me.

    • Im 13 years i live in New York City,Mnahattan my talent is acting and basketball.I will like to be a actor in A.N.T Farm i can be a new student that moved from new york to san fransico and i i start to play basketball and i make friends with china and every body else i become a star player for the basket ball team

  57. My big dream of my life is to work on disney channel! When I saw this my heart whent wild but I know i can’t because I live in Astria! My dad travels a lot and we have to move every 2 -3 years! I hate life! I really wish I could be an acter on disney channel

  58. It has been dream to be on disney channel and then be able to say thats me!!!!!! It is terrible thatmthis casting is in missouri because i would have auditioned but sadly i live in munich! Its allways the same people, the same answers, thr same places, thats why i would love to audition!!!! Different places different places and lots of fun!!!! πŸ™‚

  59. My name is kaelyn and i trying to be on disney channel i am 14 and i got a good voice hope to hear from you soon thank you

  60. HI! I’m Angelique Mickens and I am not only a triple threat but I am very outgoing! I am 13 years old, I am mixed w/ Italian, native American, Irish, Sicilian, pourtirican/Hispanic, and African American . I speak very well and clearly I am 13 yrs old! I am a model! I get great grades! I am in highschool and I’m only 13, I am in all ap classes and will be graduating early! I come from a big, loving family! I have 9 sisters and 4 brothers! But all except 1 is grown, not including myself! IT HAS ALWAYS BEEN MY DREAM TO BE ON DISNEY CHANNEL! I have always liked being in the spot light since I was very young! My parent always told me I would be a big star one day! I live in Chicago,il
    But I look like I’m about 11 or 12

  61. Im Ashley May and i have a.5yr old daughter named Alaysia. Shes very talented and really wants to be on Disney Channel. She has done a couple of Fashion Shows this past year. If you are interested or have any castings for her age group please feel free to email me i will love to talk more about her and send pictures of her. my email is Aylexa25@hotmail.com

  62. Hi I’m looking for auditions for my son Jared Wark thanks

  63. I would love to audition.i’m 12 but I could pass for 14.please contact me trust me you won’t regret it.I do have experience in acting.

  64. Hi!!!!
    My all time dream is to be an actress and singer!!!!! I’m pretty good at both πŸ˜‰

    I have brown hair

    I’m 12 years old

    I’m 5m 56cm

    I have kinda tanned skin

    I have brown eyes

    Thanks SOOOOOOOO much

    From Ana xxxxx πŸ˜‰

  65. Hi I am zanylah I am really interested into Disney I have been watching disney for a very very long time and it to the point were I no every word and every show on Disney …. No I’m not crazy bit I really want to become actress because mostly everyone in my family is saying my mommy should put me in acting because I’m really talented but I don’t blame them lol well I hope someone sees this and is willing to see how I am and if I’m good we’ll bye

  66. Hi my name is Riley, and I love acting! I just started but I am very passionate about it!! I also love modeling!!
    Height: 5,1
    Weight: 85 lbs.
    D.O.B: 04/28/2000
    Body type: skinny
    Race: White
    Please consider me, and hopefully you can contact me as soon as possible!!

  67. I am a big fan of disny channel

  68. I think I should be on Disney channel because I’m a very good singer and actress I can remember lines for aditions and I’ve been in a couple of plays and I just love it I feel I could do anything on the stage and just be myself

  69. Everybody dissever a chance

  70. Good lucky to everbody

  71. Hello my name is crystal Ruiz I’m 19 yrs old but sad to say I look about 14 and people never believe I’m 19. I sing and play the guitar. I’ve been to several auditions including a couple overheard from the z100 radio station and payed lots of money because they lived my audition how I look and how I acted but unfortunately it was more for the money the crew disappeared and was said to be a scam. I have had several of these problems and lost good money. But on the other hand I had to memorize lines including one specifically about a new opening restaurant called biggie beefs sandwiches. My role was to play an enthusiastic server to come pick up a free game card. I had great fun. I memorized the lines in less than 2 hrs. I stopped the auditions because of the scams for a while and decided to try the web and wait for a call. As well as singing I have sang at my church, I sang for family occasions, friends asked me to sing at parties, I sang for funerals, and just for fun as well in school plays, school assemblies and so on. I have been plating the guitar for 5 yrs I am a very skilled guitarist. I am also learning the piano which is coming out easy because the piano and guitar are similar in there own way. I am vert familiar with both industries and would love to audition. It’s been a dream of mine all my life. Give me a call at 914 525 1801. Anytime. Am Puerto Rican/ Italian, I am 5’2, I have Brown hair Brown eyes I am very slim/slender. I look about 14 but my current age is 19. I can pass for any age before 18. Thank you for taking the time to read. I also write my own music and cover other songs. Thank you.

  72. I really want to Midel for My Favorite channel in the Whole World !!!! Please help my Dream come true

  73. hi im raul llanos im 12 year olds i been wacthing disney channel since i was 9 years old and i loved it i love every singal one in disney it would be such an amazing thing if i was on disney thank you for your time

  74. Hey im raul llanos you have know idea how i would feel to be in disney channel i been wacthing disney channel since i was 9 now im 12 years old and i still love it and if i was in disney channel iwould be so emotinl so thank you for your time

  75. I would like to be on a Disney channel show or movie

    From,Darius Pope

  76. Hi I’m 13 I can act and sing but I’m from Chicago, and want to be on Disney channel do you guys plan on coming here if so please let me know in my email. πŸ™‚

  77. Will there any auditions comin to Toronto.

  78. I have a soon to be 7yro now in Nov. a unique lil boy,my son elvin he is changing from a temper tantrums baby in to a smart, willing to learn, funny, active,loves to dance to anything from rock, hip hop to classical contemporary, he don’t he hears music & his impulse is to dance, playing around & not only does it comes out nice, it also makes you laugh. He loves all the Disney shows on tv from good luck charlie to jessie, wizards of watery place. he mimicks them. he has a IEP in school for a slight language base disorder. very handsome. I only wish I could send u a picture of him.

  79. hello im Caitlyn(: and very interested in this, im 16 almost 17 im 5′ 10″ brown hair and eyes and id love to be on Disney channel.

  80. This site confses me, and I have no idea how you actually apply for any of these. I live in Southgate Michigan, but Im willing to drive anywhere in Michigan to pursue my dream as a actress/singer. So please email me at ferrisbailey69@yahoo.com

  81. Please send me any REAL auditions in dallas .if I have to move to LA to shoot the episode I will .please this is my dream.

  82. hi , i would love to be a disney actor.

  83. i would love to be on Disney channel i am 13 years old my name is Roselena brooks and i love acting, dancing and singing, if you would like to see a picture of me please notify that thank you so much for reading this πŸ™‚ xoxoxoxo

  84. please send us any auditions notifications to stay updated

  85. I’m a 17 year old actress and singer interested in any available parts!!

  86. I have a really intelligent two year old son that love to act and take pictures

  87. I want to be a singer, singing is my life. I have been in a singing play before and I didn’t really like it, I like to sing and jazz it up in my own way. I am pretty good at memorizing lines for things but other times I’m not. But I would love to be a singer πŸ˜ƒ

  88. hello there i can do voices pretty good…….and i can act pretty good too……so e mail me please

  89. I really can act I also love to I have a great personality and defianatly no stuck up but I also know when to be serious and I would live this opportunity

  90. my dougter is 4 years old and she likes to sing and dance and she is very good lookin.if you are interested on doing some casting you can contact me at josephinediaz14@gmail.com

  91. Please give a call 786 334 0500

  92. My son is 10 years old is very handsome and very talented. He also Can dance. He just needs the opportunity. I just need help to get him discovered.

  93. i have an 8 yr old daughter that has had acting classes and is very outgoing and ready to work. Her name is Brynn


  95. This is great how can you audition

  96. I want to know when the info for the 2013 auditions will be up

  97. When will it be???????

  98. Hi Am Michelle am 15 well I think am fun ,funny, and friendly I play softball. Love the outdoors love comedy and I think am good for any role. πŸ™‚ thanks for reading hope I get considered πŸ˜€

  99. i am 15 yrs old and have always wanted to become famous! i am young and smart. and would dream of being famous, because i have a Huge passion for acting. i have never always been the prettiest or social but i can express myslef in acting.

  100. my name is paris jenkins and i realy wanna be on jessie

  101. hello my name is camila, im 11 and i know how to sing,act, and dance and im really interested in the castings but i dont live in kansas and is too far for my family to drive up too there

  102. Im 15 yrs old ,very cute ,i dance ,i sing a little,i took a drama class,im a sophomore get straight A’s i really love to dance um very short so i dont look like a teenager,so my goal is to work hard for myself in you ,i want disappoint you…

  103. O would love too but i live in Florida

  104. I love to dance and perform

  105. i like to sing and dance

  106. i like to sing and dance i am 9 my name is ashanti

  107. Abigail has comp. cards and acting cards. She has acted and modeled. She plays the guitar and sings. She is self-motivated, compliant, honoring, and loving. Her passion is to act, model, and sing.

  108. Im 15 years old I’m really chill laid back my hight:5’5
    Eye color:hazel
    Hair color: Dirty blond

  109. Hi my daughter Kayla is 12 she loves Disney. I would like to see how I can get her to an open casting

  110. I am very instressted in acting , I would love to be on a show in Disney channel.

  111. Hello my name is sylvia smith.im very passionate about modeling, acting, dancing, or sing. I can follow directions. Im very respectful and responsible. Sing is like a hobby .I would like to be on disney xd because I love to do these things and ot would be in my nature to do it. Im looking forward to be contact by you thank you have a nice day.

  112. Hello Disney
    I am a mother of a two year old little beautiful and talented girl. She will be three on December 29. I see that you are currently seeking teenagers. But if you have any castings for her age group please give me a call at 803 448-6270. She has a super funny personality that a lot of people would love to see.

    An inspiring mother

  113. This seams nice for my student sherraela

  114. am 11 and my name is kelly

  115. Anyway you could have casting calls in Portland My friends and I would love to try out you will not be disappointed please and thank you!! πŸ™‚

  116. Hi I am Nicka and I am 11 years old I love to sing and dance it makes seen about I feel like when I sing or dance I feel very happy and everything that I was mad goes away

  117. hi,
    my name is Destini and i was wondering could ya’ll please have auditions in Houston I am 12 and I have years of experience since I was about 3 years old.

  118. I think u should pick me because cute no how to act and dance and sing a little bit

    Age 12
    Eye color hazel
    Hair color sandy red
    Live in missiouri

  119. To start off, im 11 years old but a lot of people say i look older. Ive been watching Disney channel for as long as u remember. When i was little i used too think about what roll i would want too play in each show. I lm a dancer and i love too act! I hope i get a chance

  120. Hello i am Chrystne Valencia i am 12 years old and i love to act.My friend and i love interpretating t.v. shows and i just want a chance and i want u to know i love disney channels and i interpretate some of yoir shows to . Here is my number (702)675-1357. Well thats all so thank you bye bye ;o

  121. I live in flint but if u cant come to filnt come to Detroit please i have wanted to act for disney since i was 5 and saw cheetah girls xD

  122. A person necessarily help to make significantly articles I might state.
    That is the first time I frequented your web page and up to now?
    I surprised with the analysis you made to make this particular put up incredible.

    Excellent activity!

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    came to β€œreturn the favor”.I’m attempting to find things to improve my web site!I suppose its ok to use some of your ideas!!

  124. Hay my name is sara i am 10 years old I would love to be on disney channel. My favorite show is Jessie!

  125. Thank you for giving me any opportunity!

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