Open casting call for teen comedy feature film ‘Premature’ background actors

Actress Carlson Young

The talented and beautiful actress Carlson Young will co-star in “Premature”
Creative Commons

Morning Wood Productions in association with FilmNation Entertainment are set to begin shooting a teen comedy feature film titled “Premature”. Top industry veteran casting director Bill Marinella has been contracted to cast all of the movie’s extras, and an open casting call has been scheduled in the Atlanta, GA area. The starring and co-starring roles have been cast in Los Angeles, while additional casting for smaller speaking roles will take place in Georgia.

5 thoughts on “Open casting call for teen comedy feature film ‘Premature’ background actors

  1. I’m very determined and a hard working give me a calling I promise you won’t regret it

  2. I am interested in a part of your movie. Please email me back. Thanks

  3. I would like to apply for a role.

  4. My name is Kristin Ralston, though I’m usually called Kacey among friends and co members. I’m going into sixth grade in Geneva, IL. I’m 5″9′ and I weigh 130lb.s. I have caramel colored hair, brown eyes, and I’m Caucasian. I have enjoyed acting ever since I was a few years old and acted in Annie as a little girl in the orphanage. It just went up from there. If I was to be casted in Premature, it would be
    my first film. I believe that I would be the perfect actress for Premature.

  5. I can’t get to Georgia but I’m really interested!

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