New Line Cinema feature film ‘We’re The Millers’ casting extras in Wilmington

Jennifer Aniston We're The Millers

The beautiful and classy Jennifer Aniston stars in “We’re The Millers”.
Creative Commons

Vincent Newman Entertainment and New Line Cinema are nearing the start of production on the comedy feature film “We’re The Millers,” and the extras casting director is seeking people who are within reasonable driving distance of Wilmington, North Carolina to work as featured and general background actors. All types are needed, and they are also specifically looking for girls ages 18-25 comfortable in a bikini and in front of camera for a hut tub scene with the film’s lead actor. Filming begins on July 19, 2012.

4 thoughts on “New Line Cinema feature film ‘We’re The Millers’ casting extras in Wilmington

  1. I have been acting since I was a young girl. I would love to be an extra in your movie. I live in Virginia beach but can stay at a friends house in Wilmington for shooting days. I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you! Anna Marie DeFelice

  2. I am a Wilmingtontoning very comfortable in a bikini as Wrightville Beach has been my stomping grounds for all of my 24 years. I have a great personality and love meeting people. My smile is very southern and welcoming. I am interested in this opportunity to show my radiant fun loving southern personality and ofriendly fun loving style. I have always been a fan of Jason. When I learned of your film shooting here I searched for the opportunity to be a part of this thrilling adventure. Please consider meeting me to see if I may fit in to what you may be searching for.

  3. Wanting to get into being an extra. Was wondering if anything was coming up. I live in Myrtle Beach, I’m 39 and a bartender

  4. I would love to join the cast.

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