Auditions for major feature film ‘Girls Like Us’ starring Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift Joni Mitchell Girls Like Us

The incredibly beautiful and talented Taylor Swift will play Joni Mitchell.
Creative Commons

Di Bonaventura Pictures in association with Heel & Toe Films are in early pre-production on the true story biopic feature film “Girls Like Us” starring Taylor Swift as Joni Mitchell. Casting calls have gone out for all of the major roles such as Carole King, Carly Simon, Gerry Goffin, James Taylor, and David Crosby. Also roles for young Carly Simon at ages 11 – 13, and young Carole King at age 11. The initial casting call consists of over 100 speaking roles, including numerous roles for kids and teens, and other notable supporting roles like John Lennon, Paul McCartney, Cat Stevens, and Henry Mancini. Filming is scheduled to begin January 13, 2012 in Los Angeles.

16 thoughts on “Auditions for major feature film ‘Girls Like Us’ starring Taylor Swift

  1. Awesome! I would love to work alongside Taylor Swift! 🙂

  2. I would really enjoy having the opportunity to further my career in acting. It has been a longtime Passion of mine and would have the chance to appear before the cameras once more.

  3. OMG! I love acting, music, and everything else! I would be honored to be in this movie. I just finished my first play less than a week ago and ready to keep the fire BURNING!!! Please contact me YOU WON’T BE SORRY!

  4. I would love to audition for this film but where are the auditions held?.. NYC maybe??

  5. Gr8 stuff happening can’t wait until this comes out!

  6. My name is Brianna Watkins. I’m 13 years old, have dirty blond hair, I have blue-green eyes (which are brown in photos and camera), I’m also 5’2. I think an acting oppertunity like this is once in a life time, and I think I would be good playing the role of young Carly Simon. It would mean the world, and I hope you consider it.


  7. Would love to send my head shot and bio. I’m an ex professional hockey player that want tans will be an actor. Please advise where I can send my headshot. Thank you for the opportunity.

    Sam Fields

  8. Hi my names reina I’m 12 years old I love to sing and I’m 5’0 I have brown hair it’s curl up to my shoulders I love to act and have in plays

  9. I do have some experience in acting. And I have also done an audition before.I love Taylor swift please contact me.oh i’m 12 by the way so please contact me.

  10. I had never been in a movie i would love this chance.
    I am 12
    I live in fl
    I go to acting classes

  11. I would love to be apart of this. My dream is to be on television, I can enunciate words that I read. I feel I would be right for any part.

  12. hi i would like to audition for this role but i am an african american ive done modeling and acting before i am 13 years old and i live in miami if theres anyway that you could let me audition for a role i would be exicted to be a part of ur acting family.

  13. I was asked to be in the film on twitter by Disney casting and the link I was told to go to wasn’t working, but I would love to be a part of the film. Email me please

  14. I need this more than u can imagine, this one thing that’s happenin in my life that makes me smile. My family is going through a ruff patch at the moment, so plz email me

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