Disney Channel casting for ‘Wizards of Waverly Place: The Wizards Special’

Selena Gomez The Wizards Special

20 year old superstar Selena Gomez is executive producer and star of “The Wizards Special”.
Creative Commons

It’s a Laugh Productions is producing the upcoming hour-long Wizards of Waverly Place special for Disney Channel tentatively titled “The Wizards Special”. Casting for guest stars is underway, and the show’s extras will be cast throughout production beginning October 22, 2012. Shooting will take place in Santa Clarita, CA. Disney Channel stated that after the huge ratings of the “Wizards” finale on January 6, 2012, it became obvious that fans of the show were not ready to say farewell to Selena or the rest of the cast. Therefore the cast has agreed to reunite to bring their fans one last grand adventure!

5 thoughts on “Disney Channel casting for ‘Wizards of Waverly Place: The Wizards Special’

  1. Omg! It would be an honor to work with Selena Gomez! I am trying my best to make it up there! I hope some day I would be as talented as Selena Gomez!:) I am young but has a passion for acting for a 15 year old kid!

  2. I know you guys always hear this but I have been practicing my acting. In my school a made a drama club with the help of a teacher that wanted to be an actor. So please give me a chance.

  3. I relize you have already started this process but if you need anyone to fill in a spot please contact me. Im 18 5’8″ and have brown hair blur eyes and im confident about the way i look. I can see myself in this film an i promise you if you take a chance on me you wont regret it. I will give 100 percent to get it done.

  4. Are auditions over cause i wanna be a extra and i am 13 years old and live in Austin,Texas

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