Auditions underway for new Disney Channel Original Movie ‘Cloud 9’

Ashley Tisdale Disney Channel Cloud 9

Ashley Tisdale is executive producing “Cloud 9” with Gold Medalist Shaun White.
Creative Commons

Blondie Girl Productions in association with Hollywood Farms is in pre-production on a new Disney Channel Original Movie titled “Cloud 9”. Casting directors are conducting a talent search for both Los Angeles area actors, as well as out-of-town actors for major roles in the movie. The project is a snowboarding themed telefilm that will shoot in Utah during Winter, 2013. Roles for both teen males and females are being cast, along with roles for their parents and a rich owner of a snowboarding company and ski resort. All of the extras and stand-ins will be hired in Utah throughout filming.

15 thoughts on “Auditions underway for new Disney Channel Original Movie ‘Cloud 9’

  1. I sing,dance,act I’m a cheerleader I love being on stage I’m my high school chorus/drama I the captain of our dance and Cheerleading team I’m a freshman I’m 14 years old African American

  2. How can you audition for Disney?

  3. Name: Jessica Jannu
    Age: 15
    Hair color: brown
    Height: 3″5
    Skin tone: Tan
    I would LOVE to audition because I am
    from Texas and I love movies

  4. I would love to be on this! Please acting has been my life!

  5. My name is Ashley Taylor , im 15 years and i would to have the opportunity to audition for this movie. disney channel is my favorite channel. im very down to earth and i great person to be around. plus i work well with others. please get back to me

  6. I would love to be in this movie I would be great

  7. Hello, my names is Gaetana Anguiz .. I have done a few short films one included as an extra on three kings, hangover 3 , also a few commercials.. I have a complete resume and updated photos on explore talent .com . I’m Italian and hispanic, speak five languages,about 5″6 ,and about one hundred thirty pounds, I have hazel eyes and chocolate colored hair . Hope this helps Thank-you .

  8. hi, i am South African, 19 years old,1,75m tall, blonde. would you ever look at an anctor from out of America?
    if so, im am very interested in this film, i have no previous acting experience, but i am a natural actor and quick learner. If i am not what you are looking for, i am willing to audition for any other up and coming films.

    thank you.

  9. hi, i am a South African, white male, 19 years old, 1,73meters tall, blonde hair,athletic build, gym 5 days a week, i am in a rugby academy which means i have to stay fit and gym. i am interested in the role, i have no previous acting experience but i am a natural actor and a quick learner. i think i can help in this role. hopefully you are willing to audition out of the country. or i could send a video through of me reading a few lines.

  10. I have left a comment about this on another website and i want to say im your guy. I can do this film. Any part you need me to do i will do it. Im 18 years old im 5’8″ and i have brown hair blue eyes. I have a natural talent for acting and it is my dream to become a famouse actor. I want to do it and one day i will. I feel like God is saying this is my big break. I have done plays and skits before but i feel this is it right here. Please feel free to comtact me for more information. If you take a chance on anyone take that chance on me. I wont let anyone down. I will give 110percent.

  11. Are auditions over cause i am 13 years old and would love to be in a disney channel movie

  12. I need more information I would like to audition for a role in this movie I Live in Salem Oregon

  13. Hello disney it’s been my dream on disney and I love disney a lot. I am a 12 year old girl from England the problem is its hard to audition for disney if your from England but I won’t let you down. My eyes are dark brown
    My hair is dark brown
    Im into fashion and music and I love disney so I hope reading about me it would mean the world to me I’f I got the part for any role thank you for taking time and reading my comment audition keep on with your good work disney.

  14. Hi, my name is Madison and I’m twelve years young. I would love to be in this movie or a movie like this! I love acting and singing also! I hope to hear from y’all soon!

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