Paramount Pictures begins casting new lead roles for ‘Transformers 4’

Steven Spielberg Transformers 4

Steven Spielberg will once again be serving as executive producer.
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Di Bonaventura Pictures and DreamWorks SKG in association with Hasbro are in development on the Paramount Pictures science fiction action film “Transformers 4“. The casting directors are auditioning actors for the new lead roles in the film, as neither Shia LaBeouf or Rosie Huntington-Whiteley are returning. The female lead role is an 18 year old or above who can play high school senior age, and the male lead is an early twenties Texas race car driver who plays the female lead’s boyfriend. Shooting will take place in various locations beginning in April or May of 2013. This film is currently being referred to as “Untitled Transformers Sequel”.


15 thoughts on “Paramount Pictures begins casting new lead roles for ‘Transformers 4’

  1. hello my name is Ashley Taylor im 15 years old. i would really love the opportunity to audition for this movie. i work well with other im really cool down to earth person and fun to be around. i have experience in skool plays. please get back to me i would really be happy if you did.

  2. I want to audition for this but how? and does your ethnicity matter for the casting? also I am an unrepresented actress.

  3. Im really interested in auditioning for dis movie

  4. I would like more information in regards to being able to have a chance for the lead role and where i can audition please thnks so very much

  5. Hello my name is Giselle Ramirez I’m 19 years old, I’m Hispanic and Im living in NY. I’m trying to start my career as an Actress! I want a opportunity to get an interview or casting for you movie.! I will be fascinate if there is an applet unity for me .!! If anything please call me at 516 532-0743 or email me.

    Thanks for your time

  6. I love these movies & would love to be apart of it!

  7. I have a boy that is very witty and knows how to put on a show. He is currently a blue belt in taekwando and has been to many tournaments. He has no problem performing or speeking infront of large groups. In fact he is in a martial arts student leadership program teaching lower rank belts. He is a fast reader and and has a great memory and retains information easily. if you are looking for someone with this subscription please email me.

  8. i heard u are looking for Transformer 4 for actors for lead roles. i would love to work with you and form an awesome and everlasting relationship and friendship. I am Sag-Aftra who is in Sherman Oaks, finished South Asian Desi, True TV Shoot, American Made, and won the Best Actor by Nassau County Legislature. I am Tall, Multi-ethnic, Handsome Guy with a Bold and Crazy Personality whenever necessary. Attached please find my head shots and resume for your consideration. I would appreciate the opportunity to audition for you.

    Please feel free to call one of my favorite agent lucy king at 856-667-1060 or or or me directly at 201-208-5551 or to discuss opportunities through u..

    Thank you for your time and consideration.

    Shaun Nac

  9. Hi I am Emiah Reill I am 16 years old but told I look older I am 5’5
    Light brown skin brown eyes dark brown hair and very interested in being in this film I love all three of the first transformers and always wanted to try to be in one. I am up for any part you would have to offer me thank you

  10. Hello I’m zackary I would really
    would like to be part of this movie because I do films and I am a good actor and I am the biggest fan of transformers please I would really like to be in this movie . I would like to be an actor so I would be a good actor for this movie and I am 12 years old

  11. Hi’ my name tyuawn Brown and i work at motown museum as a michael Jackson impersonator i would love to be in the new transformers (4) movie i love acting…

  12. I’m a SAG member. Please see channel site in website section. Yes, I have interest in auditioning. I live Michigan.

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