Marvel Studios to shoot ‘Ant-Man’ beginning January, 2013 in London

Nathan Fillion Marvel Studios Ant-Man

Nathan Fillion has been mentioned for the lead role of Hank Pym. however he has implied that he is not interested.
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Arad Productions in association with Big Talk Productions are in the pre-production stages of the highly anticipated Marvel Studios action adventure sci-fi thriller feature film “Ant-Man”. Walt Disney Studios, the parent company of Marvel Enterprises, announced that the film has been greenlit. Filming is scheduled to start this January, 2012 for a November 6, 2015 release date. People’s Choice Award winning Canadian actor Nathan Fillion has been mentioned for the lead role of Hank Pym, also known as Ant Man. However, Fillion stated at the 2012 Hero Complex Film Fest, “did you ever just love Ant-Man? Not me”. Therefore is seems highly unlikely that the studio would pursue Pym after making a comment like that. The project will shoot at Pinewood Studios in England, and other locations around London and the United Kingdom.


5 thoughts on “Marvel Studios to shoot ‘Ant-Man’ beginning January, 2013 in London

  1. I want to say i will be willing to do this film. Small role or big role whatever it is i will gove 100percent. Im 18 years old 5’8″ and weigh125bl i have brown hair and blue eyes. I have a natural talent for acting ive done plays and skits before and i feel i need to start somewhere an this would be a great opertunity to shine. K want live my dream an i will work hard to do so. Please contact me you wont regret picking me for a role in this film.

  2. Can yall please come to Austin,Texas cause i would like to audition for Ant Man and be an extra it would be alsome to be on a movie from Marvel studios.

  3. I would love to act or to be a walk on or a standby in your movies…call my number…248 -278-2240.I would do a great job.

  4. Hi i want to know how to go about being a extra on the film. I am very interested. Thabk you

  5. If any big guys are needed I have plenty , not in a cheap way lol .

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