Nickelodeon auditions for iCarly and Victorious spinoff series ‘Sam and Cat’

Ariana Grande Jennette McCurdy Nickelodeon Sam and Cat

Ariana Grande and Jennette McCurdy team up for Nickelodeon’s “Sam and Cat”.
Creative Commons

Uptown Productions in association with Schneider’s Bakery, Inc. are now in production on the new comedy series “Sam and Cat” for Nickelodeon Network. The casting director will be auditioning actors throughout the season for recurring roles, co-starring roles, and under five roles. The extras casting director will also be hiring background extras throughout the season. The pilot episode was shot in September, 2012 and Nickelodeon announced a series pickup with an order for 20 episodes on November 29, 2012. The show will premier September 10, 2013 on Nickelodeon.

14 thoughts on “Nickelodeon auditions for iCarly and Victorious spinoff series ‘Sam and Cat’

  1. I would really really like it if I could be in one of dan Schneider shows so I hope that I could be chosen for an audition I’ve always thought that dan Schneiders shows was a hit from the Amanda show to drake and josh and many more.

  2. Hello my name is odalysse I’m 12 years old I’m 5″3 I’m an unexperienced actor well I have came out in a school play and I take drama class . Im currently being helped to persue my acting carrer by one of nikky minagh ex assistants she was also jennifer lopez assistant . I’m very mature I am always getting confused by a 14 year old well that’s it I am hopping u guys will reply and if not help me get an addition for any commercial or movie

  3. Forgot to mention I have kind of long hair its dark brown and curly really curly my eyes are dark brown and I’m a zendeya colemans skin tone and I’m Mexican and you might think I’m really Mexican but I was actually born here my moms Mexican but is white and my family is wealthy I audditioned for barbizon and got in they wanted me for acting

  4. please let me be on sam and cat i love them and i have been to an acting school and they helped me so much and this is my chance from kiara dickson live in las vegas nevada

  5. hi and im a big fan of icarly and victorious and im a preety good singer and actor and i was hopeing to start my life long dream im also 12 years old hope to hear fom you soon

  6. hi im tonaja and i love watching i carly and victorious and im “5”2″ im 12 years old brown eyes dark brown hair im african american im in 6th going to 7th grade im verry easy to talk to and verry easy to get a long with

  7. i would love to be a extrea on sam and cat i just grew up watching i carly and victoria’s. if i can audition please contact me.

  8. Hi! My name is Madison an I’m twelve years young! I would love to be on this show! I love to sing and act! I also love having fun and making new friends with everyone that I meet! I hope to hear from y’all soon!

  9. Hi i’m Secline Valdovin. I’m 13 years old & looking for a bright future. I love to sing and act. That is why i want to auddition for this channel. I would really love to have a part in “Sam & Cat”
    please send me a email at

  10. Hi ! I’m Madison, im a pretty good singer and really want to act . I was wondering if you would email me ? I’m 12 and a fan of both victorious and icarly . I’d love to be on Sam and cat !! I would be a perfect role, I was wondering if I could audition ? Email me about an audition if you think it’s a good idea ?? is my email . Thanks if your reading this !! (:

  11. I am emalie I am 13 years old Iove to join your show Sam and cat

  12. Well I really admire your show because I love kids and want to know is it to late to try out for any babysitting help are anything that will be nice thanks
    Love jasmond

  13. Sorry I also want to say I love victorious because I love singing a lot and believe that I have a voice and it will be nice to meet the crew.
    Love jasmond

  14. Hi im matthew mcduffie and i would love to be on sam and cat .thank you for reading my comment

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