Casting underway for second season of Nickelodeon series ‘See Dad Run’

Ryan Newman Nickelodeon See Dad Run

Young Artist Awards winner Ryan Newman plays fan favorite Emily Hobbs.
Creative Commons

Uptown Productions and Bischoff Hervey Entertainment in association with Katlin/Bernstein Productions and Nickelodeon Productions are now in production on the second season of the hit multi-camera live-action family comedy series “See Dad Run”. The network has ordered 20 new episodes, and the show’s Primetime Emmy Award winning casting director is holding auditions for recurring, guest starring, and under-5 roles. The extras are being cast throughout the season, which will run through Summer, 2013. The series, which stars Scott Baio, is filmed on the Paramount Studios lot in the old “Happy Days” sound stage. Season two filming begins in March, 2013. The show airs Sundays at 8pm ET/PT on Nick at Nite.

2 thoughts on “Casting underway for second season of Nickelodeon series ‘See Dad Run’

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  2. I want be a actriss on nick

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