Disney Channel casting actors and extras for third season of live-action comedy series ‘Jessie’

Debby Ryan Jessie Season 3 Casting Calls
The beautiful and talented Debby Ryan co-produces and stars in Disney Channel’s “Jessie”.
Creative Commons

On March 28, 2013 Disney Channel announced that the live-action comedy series “Jessie” was renewed for a third season. Now the casting director is auditioning talent for guest starring, recurring, and day player roles. The extras are cast throughout the season as needed. The series uses a multi-camera setup which is known as “filmized”, a technique in which video is made to appear to have been shot on film. “Jessie” is videotaped at Hollywood Center Studios in Los Angeles, CA.

Details Here:

25 thoughts on “Disney Channel casting actors and extras for third season of live-action comedy series ‘Jessie’

  1. Hey I am a person who acts in front of people and a very awesome person
    So can’t wait to addition except for the fact that my parents don’t approve of things like acting and that I m a Muslims and where a head scarf don’t let this concerned you
    I swear me being there will make Jessie a lot better if it doesn’t …. THAT WON’T HAPPEN I PROMISEπŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†

  2. My name is Shirnese and I would like to join the cast of Jessie. I have been a ting since I was 4 and I have been acting in many plays and this has been my dream for a very long time so please include as one of the Jessie cast members. thank you

  3. I would love to be on jessie, I love to act around my friends and am really good, my dream is to become an actress to act in movies or shows with different people and to get to know them at the same time. So, please let me know as quick as possible.

  4. I am a Actress and I would love to audition for Jessie. My email is nina_dunn13@hotmail.com, I have experience as a model and as an actress.

  5. Hello! My name is Dalana. My hobbies are singing and dancing. I also act. I have a little experience in acting, not a lot but some is better than none. I am fun to be with I am always smiles and eager to learn all sorts of stuff. I love singing acting dancing whatching movies and hanging out with my friends,just having a good time. I live in Akron, Ohio, Im African American, I have brown eyes, brown hair mid-length, I am 14 years old, female, 5’1″and in 9th grade. I hope I meet all the standards of what your looking for in an actress. Also I can play any role you want me to be. If you have any questions for me or need a picture of me just email me please. Thank you!!!!!!!

  6. Hi my name is luis and I am 14 and I am interested in guest starring on “Jessie” I am a hip hop dancer and I also model and act I did one year of training at john casablanca for modeling and acting I learned hip hop on my on.
    Thank you and I hope I can hear back from you guys.

  7. I really want to do this but my mom would never let me and her go to Los angles

  8. Hi I’m 13 and I’m a really big fan of Jessie and I think I would a great actor for season 3 its been my dream to start acting on t.v and I would really like to start my career

  9. I love your show very hidge fan nd also a great actor

  10. Hi my name is sarah and I love Jessie but sadly I live in Toronto I can sing I can Danse and of course I can act if you leave me your email I can make an audition tape or something
    Please email me or something

  11. how can i get a interview and where is it thank you

  12. I would wan to be on jessie because i want to act. I would say my personality is great i am very nice and like to habe fun i always want to be exited. I love to sing im waiting to see if i made it in jazz band. I think im good because i like to meet new people. I am 12 years old while 11turning 12. My bday is nov.4. I am a great singer. I would hope you pick me but if you dont i understand thanks bye!!!!!

  13. Hi I am Peyton and I’m 11 years old in 6th grade at Denver Center for International studies.I love the show Jessie so much and I have been acting for so long and getting any part in this new season would make me so happy.I love love Disney channel and I really love acting and even the smallest part could take my career to the next level.Im lucky we have acting classes at my school and I take acting 3 times a week and I am also in the drama club.I have good marks and I am know to be really funny hardworking and a fast learner.I can speak English,French,Spanish and I’m learning Italian.I have medium-length,blonde,layered hair with natural highlights.I have blue eyes and I’m 4’10.Any part in this season would make me so happy!I live in Denver,CO .Please send me back an email if you are interested!

  14. Hi my name is Emily and I live in Sydney, Australia I would love to have the opportunity to fly to America and be on Jessie. I am 10 years of age and I play netball. I love to sing, dance and play piano. This opportunity is a great chance for me to show the world how I act I love Disney channel so much and I have always wanted to meet Debby Ryan and be on the set of Jessie. I love to act so much, please think these words through and give me the chance of a lifetime it would mean so much. I know I’m not pretty or smart or that skinny but I absolutely love to act

    Thankyou for this opportunity
    Emily Lewis

  15. Hi!!!! I am a huge fan of “Jessie” and it would be a dream come true to be apart of it.i am 11&3 quarters I am turning 12 on December 24th .i was born in 2001 of that date.I am practically the same age as Skye Jackson on “Jessie”. I have done many plays and skits before although my life .i am very flexible and kind .if u pick me I won’t let u down.i was wondering for the show It can be like the Ross parents got a new kid and that could be me!!!!or I can be the charector Stewert’s sister or something.those were just 2 ideas I thought of. I love all animals and last year when I was in the 5th grade I played like 10 parts for an ancient ego prion play.i also played a little lamb then a farmer in the 1st grade.in preschool I sang a song on stage in front of like 1000 people with my class and I used a tambourine too.well if u have any questions please e-mail me .but pleasssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssse pick me .i don’t know who your looking for but I am a very talented young girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I also have been told that I should be a model because I am to skinny and I look cool and everything fits me perfectly.i also been told that I need to eat more.i am only like 73 pounds and I since my mom works at the gym I have nothing better to do so I work out.when I start something I finish it too.oh I also live in Fremont California but I don’t mind driving or making sure my dad could take me to your headquarters or something.please pick me it is my dream to be famous and my family needs the money.PLEASE PICK ME !!!!!!!!!!!!

    -madeline. :~)

  16. Hello my name is Ashlee duran. I am 14 years old I am in high school I go to Rialto high school California. And I am looking on the web to become a disney actor I can act and I can sing I love to do both . it’s my dream to become a actor and singer u know what they dream big my moms # 9092771976. I love to sing and act I think singing is to express ur self and acting is to act like another person that not u and it’s fun I love both thank u

  17. Hello my name is Sheila Perez
    I am 14 years old
    I was born on Sept. 8,1999
    I have Medium size Dark Brown hair and Brown Green eyes
    I love acting Singing and Dancing
    I live with my Family that includes My Dad, Mum, little brother and sister
    I live in Aguada, PR which is located at the Caribbean if you din’t know
    I am proud of what I am and people use to tell me that I was a Hippo because I am a little over weighted but you know what I don’t care what they say
    I’m a very responsible, sweet, kind, generous, weird, crazy, very energetic girl with a lot of talent
    Please if you think I am capasitated for this job this job please email me at sheila.pere.64@yahoo.com or all me at 939-248-9465
    Thanks for your time

    • Please let me know if you have any adutions that I could go
      I know that I dont have a lot of money but I think that my parents will think about it and let me go thanks

  18. Hey I’m Makayla I’m 14 I’m a cheerleader and my skin colour is white I have blue and green eyes I have the same colour hair as you Debbie πŸ™‚ and I love acting its a big part of my life I would really like this opitunity to do a movie with you guy πŸ™‚ thanks Makayla

  19. hey my name is jessica dugbartey i am 11 years old and i would love to be on jessie i have little expirences but i can do it

    • Hi Im Sheila Perez
      Im from Puerto Rico
      I’m 14 years old
      I was born on September 8,1999
      I have never taked classes of acting, Dnacing or singing and Im natural talented
      I know thats sounds wierd but its 100% true
      I love to do all that things all day especially on my free time
      In school I have traited A’s and Im in the Honor secion for my graduation
      I considerated my self as a very talented, sweet, knid, very honest, unique, crazy and my self girl
      My favorite caracter of the show is Zury because she is her adorable self and she doesnt care what people think about her but the one that inspired me was Debby Ryan she showed me that u have to fight for what u want things do not fell from the sky and thats why u have to do anything for ur dream
      I hope that u read this and get clear(not offending) that I will do anything to get that paper on the show wich one I dont know but I will get it no matter what
      Im a girl with not much economical resorces but I can do it and I will
      Thanks so much for ur time reading this love ya ❀ ❀


  21. please can I be on Jessie im in drama classes and singing and im realy good Jessie is my fav programme I always wanted to be in it

  22. I am play sports a lot

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