Extras casting call in New Orleans for Warner Bros. Pictures comedy feature film ‘Focus’ starring Will Smith

New Orleans Casting Call
Will Smith plays veteran grifter Nicky Spurgeon in “Focus”.
Creative Commons

Di Novi Pictures and Zigtag Films are ready to begin shooting the Warner Bros. Pictures comedy feature film “Focus”, and the extras casting director has begun sending out casting calls for local New Orleans people who would like to work as fully paid general extras and possible featured background actors. Filming will begin mid-September and run through November, 2013. Principal actor casting has been taking place in New York City, and continues for day player speaking roles. Additional filming will take place in Buenos Aires, Argentina after New Orleans shooting wraps.

Details Here:

5 thoughts on “Extras casting call in New Orleans for Warner Bros. Pictures comedy feature film ‘Focus’ starring Will Smith

  1. I am a 58 year old white woman from New Zealand currently living in New Orleans. I am available seven days/nights a week for any extra work. Look forward to hearing from you. Warm regards, Linda.

  2. Raw talent: impersonations and original characters

  3. I really enjoyed myself being an extra on will Smith New movie “Focus” I know it is gonna be a success,,,Will Smith is like my Male roll model,,,and being my first time being in a film was the best day of my life careers,,even if I dont get a chance to really speak a line or be in his space,,,,just knowing he was there,,,Made my Expectation greater,,,,Thanks hope to get a casting call from Batherson Cast for Buenos Aires and Argentina,,,,Acting is my passion Thanks again for the opportunity,,love Cassandra

  4. I am interested in getting on your network, for casting, and open auditions. I am a pianist/composer/singer, and have a 5 octave range, with skills in folly art, and musical “instrumentation” Please contact me at pianistbonnie88@gmail.com. or pianistbonnie88@verizon.net.
    I have photos, resume’s references, and years of experience, an d want to know how to get on your list of people who can be even doing extras, when you come to Cape Ann, on the Massachusetts North Shore.
    Thank you in advance, and may GOD bless you!!
    Most Sincerely, Bonnie Barish.

  5. I would like to make an appointment and speak with some one regarding casting in movies, and television series. My skills are that I am a composer/pianist/singer, and seek work on the Massachusetts North Shore, and or in Boston. I look forward to hearing from some one in your agency.
    My home phone number is (978) 283-6442, and my cell phone number is
    (978) 884-6098.
    Thank you in advance, and may GOD bless!!
    Most Sincerely, Bonnie Barish,

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