Disney casting series regulars, co-stars, day players, and extras for new comedy series ‘Kirby Buckets’

Jacob Bertrand Kirby Buckets Disney Casting
“Kirby Buckets” is one of two new Disney pilots in production for actor Jacob Bertrand.
Creative Commons

It’s a Laugh Productions and Horizon Productions are getting ready to begin production on a new comedy sitcom for Disney XD called “Kirby Buckets”. The Casting Society of America Artios Award nominated casting team of Sally Stiner and Barbie Block, who have cast such Disney Channel hit shows as “Jonas” and “Good Luck Charlie”, are casting young teen actors and adults for series regulars, co-stars, and smaller day player roles. The extras will be hired throughout shooting on the pilot episode, with there likely being a need for many over-18 to play high school age.

Details Here:

12 thoughts on “Disney casting series regulars, co-stars, day players, and extras for new comedy series ‘Kirby Buckets’

  1. Where can we audition to this ?

  2. i would love to be an extra or even an actress on this tv show. Iam a 14 year old girl, I’ve done some playes at my middle school. Ive also landed a part on the up comeing film Halloween ” Bloodlines” produced by Jermery Hamm and Lee Warner. i would really love to continue my career with you.

  3. Aaliyah would love to do this!! She will be 5 soon but is very talented!!!

  4. I have an 8 year old daughter that would love to be an extra!

  5. I am from Puerto Rico and my son listened by radio that the program Good Luck Charlie have an audits here. Is that true? Let me know please, he have 12 years old.

  6. Hi my name is Cynthia Perez but people call me Cindy I’m 14 years old and I’m gonna be 15 on march 2 my skin color is light brown and my eyes are brown I have wavy hair and I would love to be in this show because when I was a little girl i would always be in my room and act like if I was in a movie and I also would act for school plays it was fun but I admit I play around but not too much because then you might get annoying and get kicked out haha but anyways I think it would be an opportunity for me to be in this I live in Los Angeles,CA and I really hope I could be in it thank you ❤

  7. Hi I’m HIGHLY inserted in playing a teen actor in this t.v. show. So call me ASAP at 910547 2027. iam 21yrs. old I look like I’m 16-19

  8. I would love to be apart of the team I’m from Wilmington Delaware. I’m,34yr. Old African American extremely gorgeous fun open for a new experience

  9. Yes! My name is Gavin Quintero i’m 13 years old and extremely interested in getting into modeling and acting. I’m a really fast learner and it would be an honor and a dream come true to be given an oppuntunity to show what i have to offer. My mom has been trying so hard to find someone to put us in the right path fir this to happen. But there are so many fake agencys out there. My contact number is (318) 602 -9594

  10. I wanna be an actor too…
    In girl meets world

  11. i am an inspiring actress looking high and low for a shot at an audition i assure you, you wont be let down by what you see, please contact me at the email below.

  12. Hi my name is Cynthia Perez but my friends call me Cindy and I’ve always wanted to be a big star in Disney channel by acting and dancing and showing all the best effort I really want to show the directors that I can do it even though if I don’t make it I know that I tried my best I live in Los Angeles California I look like a 18 year old girl because I’m really tall so I hope I could act in front of cameras and show my best effort to make it in and to pick a role and please keep me on contact which roles their are 🙂 thank you

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