AB Media Publishing’s 2012 Actors Resource Guide eBooks are now available

2012 Actors Resource Guide eBooks Now Available

The 2012 Actors Resource Guide eBooks can be purchased securely through PayPal and Google Checkout.

Respected Entertainment Industry Publisher Alan Baltes of AB Media Publishing, LLC has announced the release of the new 2012 Actors Resource Guide eBooks. The eBooks are available for Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, Atlanta, New Mexico, Miami, Orlando, Seattle, Michigan, Louisiana, Vancouver, London and Australia. More cities will be published soon. The eBooks are a comprehensive actors resource that includes listings of talent agents and casting directors, sample actors resumes and cover letters, headshot photographer listings, Child actor work permit information, foreign talent information, and many valuable tips and advice.

Details on how to obtain your eBook can be found here:

2012 Actors Resource Guide eBooks

SCAM ALERT! 2011AUDITIONS.COM ripping off other websites copyrighted material

2011auditions.com scam alert

2011AUDITIONS.COM stealing copyrighted material and scamming actors.
Credits: AB Media Publishing, LLC

Acting and modeling scams are widespread across the globe, and the trend does not seem to be getting any better. More and more people are vulnerable to unscrupulous individuals and companies who make false claims of making people a star or obtaining jobs for them. One very disturbing trend has been websites who blatantly steal casting and auditions information from free websites and then charge people exorbitant fees for the very same information. One such website is 2011AUDITIONS.COM – which has been copying the hard work of the publisher of AB Media Publishing, LLC.

2011AUDITIONS.COM copies the information word-for-word, but leaves out the casting directors information and extras registration information. They then have a form to fill out below their stolen text, asking visitors to enter personal information. And after the information is entered, one can only speculate what they do with that information.